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Products to keep pupils, parents and teachers dry in the rain and cool in the sun!

Working in the educational field is one of the most critical jobs in society for not only are teachers imparting their knowledge to the next generation; anyone working in the education sector is also helping to create a protective, holistic atmosphere that is conducive to learning.

Schooling is a springboard to successfully navigating life, and it starts with early years education from nursery through to primary, secondary school or academy then onto college or university. Part of establishing and maintaining a creative, inviting environment for pupils of any age is making the most of the available space and providing a balance. Balance between play-time and quiet time for little ones, a balance between study, reflection, relaxation and socialising for older pupils and a balance between the time spent inside and outside – no matter what the age or weather – is essential for effective learning.

Work, rest and play throughout the school year

Here at Zapp; we understand the importance of achieving this balance between education and the outdoors. Spending time in the fresh air can be just as beneficial for the mind as classroom learning and with many educational establishments short on space whether it’s for teaching, dining, storage and social occasions; outside areas, no matter what size or shape can be transformed by the installation of the weather-based systems we offer. Most of our products are designed to provide protection from the elements; allowing pupils to enjoy the outside to the maximum and allowing staff to meet Ofsted recommendations especially regarding UV protection where it has been recognised that overexposure to strong sunlight under the age of 15 can lead to an increased risk of skin cancer in later life.

Taking the learning outside for little ones

One way of refreshing or upgrading educational facilities and ensuring UV protection is by using sail shades. These are very popular in the education sector, and a group of gaily coloured sails enhances the fun atmosphere of a nursery or covered play area. These have the additional benefit of providing some weather protection to playground equipment too.

And for the older ones

Pergodas are also a popular choice in school, college/academy and university grounds where they can be used as recital/rehearsal spaces, for social gatherings or even an outdoor classroom. Pergodas can also be used to create covered walkways, link existing buildings and create waiting or information areas for pupils and parents alike while still offering UV protection.

Zapp also provide a wide range of other products and systems for educational establishments that offer UV and/or rain protection such as blinds and umbrellas – we promise to do our best to keep pupils, parents and teachers dry in the rain and cool in the sun!

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    Perfect for any environment

    Our technically advanced range of Sail Shades, Pergodas and Umbrella’s are suitable for use in schools, colleges and universities. Our products provide a solution for students, teachers and parents as they deliver additional outdoor space for curricular activities whilst keeping you dry in the rain and cool in the sun.






    Whatever your needs, we take care of it all


    Our engineers are fully trained and highly experience on the entire product range and we are fully equipped to carry out any site surveys for you This is applicable for all products that we install ourselves for you. For supply only products we will give you all the measurements we can for you to ensure that the products will fit in to your outdoor area.


    All of our products can be repaired and serviced. We can set up a service contract if you require.
    Where applicable, Zapp will provide you with a guide on how to maintain your product on a day to day basis to extend the life of it. If you look after your product well and do not misuse it, it will last longer and require fewer service visits works. If you have any questions regarding the care of your product, please ring the office on for more information.


    In order to maintain our high standards we install all our products using our own trusted engineers and installers.


    Some of our products can require planning and we generally clients that it is best to check with the relevant council regarding this.

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    We can put you in touch with one of our finance partners who we work closely with and who are authorised and regulated to provide asset finance. They can create a flexible and tailored financing package.



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