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Blinds can simply look stunning, but they are more than just pretty window dressing! Keeping out intense sunlight and adding insulation in the colder months; blinds are where practicality and function meet individual taste and decoration. They are also one of the simplest ways to transform the whole look of a room or business through colour and the manipulation of light to affect mood and function depending on your domestic or commercial/business requirements.

So, whether you wish to create an inviting living space in your home or a pleasurable dining experience for your customers; the possibilities of creating with blinds are endless.

Huge choice of materials including custom colours are available:

Find the style to enhance your outdoor space.

Special solutions can be catered for including:

Bathrooms, Kitchens, Privacy & light, Room darkening, Extra-large windows/doors

And there is a choice of styles to suit:

Special shapes, Skylights, Conservatories, Tilt turn windows

Venetian and Roman blinds are perhaps the most classic styles for complete light control and privacy and yet different, and eye-catching design effects can be created with more unconventional fabric styles where TWO contrasting fabrics slide past each other for completely different effects; have them open, half-open or completely closed. Flexible light control and varied decoration depending on the mood/environment you want to create!

Roller blinds and vertical blinds are a style that has stood the test of time but moved into the future in terms of vane width, choice of materials, colours and transparencies and interior shutters are still de rigeur in many apartments, period homes or coastal properties and businesses. Shutters create a real focal point in a room but are also practical in their function of light control and privacy.

Motorised or Hand-Operated

Many of our blinds; operation method can vary from the simple hand operated cranks to the latest smart technology where your blinds are remote control operated even down to programming them to open and close at specific times!

Versatility of Blinds

Literally dress your glass with class; combining intelligent climate control and pleasing aesthetics to add practical style to any room.

The awnings glide almost noiselessly up and down from cassettes that can be mounted straight to the wall and depending on your choice of fabric; your view out of the window can remain undisturbed with sun/wind protection and privacy from prying eyes still intact.

Accessories include motorisation, remote control and light and wind sensors. Their understated, striking vertical blinds and awnings are designed to suit any window shape and size – even triangular ones!

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    Perfect for any environment

    Our technically advanced range of Awnings, Retractable Roofs and Canopies are suitable for use in the commercial, domestic and educational marketplaces. Our products provide our clients with additional outdoor space and are suitable for use in a range of environments.

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    Whatever your needs, we take care of it all


    Our engineers are fully trained and highly experience on the entire product range and we are fully equipped to carry out any site surveys for you This is applicable for all products that we install ourselves for you. For supply only products we will give you all the measurements we can for you to ensure that the products will fit in to your outdoor area.


    All of our products can be repaired and serviced. We can set up a service contract if you require.
    Where applicable, Zapp will provide you with a guide on how to maintain your product on a day to day basis to extend the life of it. If you look after your product well and do not misuse it, it will last longer and require fewer service visits works. If you have any questions regarding the care of your product, please ring the office on for more information.


    In order to maintain our high standards we install all our products using our own trusted engineers and installers.


    Some of our products can require planning and we generally clients that it is best to check with the relevant council regarding this.

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    We can put you in touch with one of our finance partners who we work closely with and who are authorised and regulated to provide asset finance. They can create a flexible and tailored financing package.



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