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City Centre Hotel uses radical design

Client: Dakota Hotels

Location: Leeds

Products Used: Retractable Roof

Services: Installation

Sector: Hospitality

The client wanted some cover for their first floor terrace bars in their four star prestigious city centre hotel to be able to use the terrace in all weathers. The terrace is above the main entrance to the hotel and it had to be in keeping with the look of the building.

Our new Quattro system with the brilliant translucent material was proposed and accepted to include ambient lighting and sides.

Team Comments on the project:

The challenge was to install the roof onto a terrace which was curved and it meant that there would be an overhang so scaffolding was erected on the outside to allow for the install. Additionally, we needed to lift Rafters, legs and some equipment by crane. In order to do this, preparations had to be made to shut off the road during quiet periods. We created a steel frame that cantilevers over the side of the front of the building.

Another challenge was the fact we needed to complete the installation around the needs of a busy 24 hour site.

With the addition of some comfortable new furniture the result was two new reception spaces to use in the confidence to be able to sell them in all weathers all year round.

Our client is now looking to install another roof at another site – which we cannot wait to get stuck into next year!

Take a look at the pictures to see the before and after results.

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